Historical Articles

Title Date Publishedsort descending Production
The Sultan of Sulu
General Lew Wallace's Romance Ben-Hur Has Changed the Attitude of the Church Toward the Playhouse
"The Climbers" at the Lois The Climbers, Lois Theater, Pantages Players, (02/07/1909-02/13/1909)
Empress Features Big Melody Number
Vaudeville attractions this week
Coliseum's Matinees
Nick's Roller Skating Girls
The Sho Gun is a big success Sho-Gun, Grand Opera House, (12/124/1905-12/27/1905)
Seattle Theatres Play to Throngs
Influenza Shows Slow Decrease
Jefferson Seen as Rip Rip Van Winkle, Grand Opera House, (11/24/1904-11/26/1904)
A Hard-Working Actress
Opening of the Frye Opera House December 2 1884 Forget Me Not, Frye Opera House, Nellie Boyd Dramatic Company, (12/01/2015-12/08/2015)
At the Opera House December 4 1884 Claire and the Forge Master, Frye Opera House, Nellie Boyd Dramatic Company (12/01/1884-12/08/1884)
Amusements: Daniel Bandmann visits Seattle January 17 1890
Daniel Bandmann's performance January 17 1890
Julia Marlowe in Much Ado About Nothing December 9 1892
Miss Marlowe in "Twelfth Night" December 10 1892
Plays and Players - Opening of New Theater This Week December 11 1892
Irving and Terry in Merchant of Venice September 21 1893
Thomas Keene - A Masterly Performance January 2 1895
"Midwinter Night's Dream" a Beatific Vision January 25 1895
The Master Mind April 12 1895
The Great Roman Tragedy April 13 1895 Julius Caesar, Seattle Theater, (04/13/1895)
Bobby Gaylor May 9 1899
Tracking the Chief: from his home to his death June 28 1901
Tom Considine undoubtedly fired the first shot June 28 1901
"Town Captivated by 'Arizona'" April 1 1902 Arizona, Grand Opera House, (03/31/1902-04/02/1902)
Has a Few Bright Spots. The Musical Comedy "When Reuben Comes to Town" April 17 1902