Seattle Opera House (September 5, 1890-1892)

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 The Seattle Opera House began operating on September 5, 1890 in the building previously known as Turner Hall at the southwest corner of Fourth Avenue and Jefferson Street. S.H. Friedlander and J.W. Hanna leased Turner Hall and made significant upgrades to the building., In his book, "Story of Seattle's Early Theatres," Howard F. Grant describes the renovations in detail: "The stage was increased in height and depth, ten new dressing rooms, a new curtain and new scenery were added. Incadndescent lights were installed throughout the house. Several hundred new opera chairs were installed. The whole exterior and interior was frescoed, redocorated and renovated" (p. 35).  The Seattle Opera House operated until 1892.  It was renamed Turner Hall in 1893.


Open Date: 
September 5 1890
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Grant, Howard F. (compiler). The Story of Seattle's Early Theatres. Seattle: University Book Store, 1934.