Moore Theatre

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1932 2nd Avenue

The Moore Theatre, developed and owned by James A. Moore (1861-1929), opened On December 28, 1907 with a production of the comic-opera, "The Alaskan." The architect was E.W. Houghton who "gave the theatre a simple exterior with Italian and Byzantine terra-cotta details, while focusing much of the visual beauty on an opulent interior. Hailed as one of the most beautiful and completely equipped playhouses in the United States, the Moore boasted a grand lobby with mosaic floors, marble, onyx, carved wood, stained glass, and metal. There was also a ceiling fresco in old rose, cream and gold. Beams were supported by Muses representing Drama and Music. The theatre interior was resplendent with clusters of lights, rich hangings, and stained-glass paneling." (STG, Moore Theatre Venue History). Read more at:

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December 28 1907
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Seattle Theatre Group. "The Moore Theatre Venue History." Flom, Eric L. "Seattle's Moore Theatre opens on December 28, 1907." "