Production Opening Datesort descending Place
The Strollers, Grand Opera House, (05/28/1906) 05/28/1906 Grand Opera House
Slaves of the Orient, Third Avenue Theatre, Aylesworth Stock Company, (06/03/1906-06/08/1906) 06/2/1906 Third Avenue Theatre
The College Widow, Grand Opera House, (11/04/1906-11/10/1906) 11/4/1906 Grand Opera House
The Cingalee, Grand Opera House, (03/07/1907) 03/7/1907 Grand Opera House
Julius Caesar, The Charles B. Hanford Company, Grand Opera House (March of 1907). 03/29/1907 Grand Opera House
The Free Lance, Grand Opera House, Sousa Opera Company, (04/14/1907-04/17/1907) 04/14/1907 Grand Opera House
Twelfth Night, Grand Opera House, Minstrel Company, (06/20/1907-06/22/1907) 06/20/1907 Grand Opera House
The Alaskan, Moore Theatre, (12/28/1907-01/04/1908) 12/28/1907 Moore Theatre
The Blue Moon, Grand Opera House, (1/2/1908-) 01/2/1908 Grand Opera House
Brown of Harvard, Moore Theater, (01/12/1908-) 01/12/1908 Moore Theater
Happyland, Moore Theater, (01/30/1908-) 01/30/1908 Moore Theater
George Washington Jr., Moore Theater, (02/06/1908-) 02/6/1908 Moore Theater
Dream City, Grand Opera House, (03/01/1908-) 03/1/1908 Grand Opera House
Antony and Cleopatra, Moore Theater, (03/06/1908-) 03/6/1908 Moore Theater
The Wheel of Love, Moore Theatre (03/15/1908-) 03/15/1908 Moore Theatre
Brewster's Millions, Moore Theater, (04/13/1908-) 04/13/1908 Moore Theater
Our American Cousin, Moore Theater, (04/24/1908-) 04/24/1908 Moore Theater
The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary, Moore Theater, (06/21/1908-) 06/21/1908 Moore Theater
Caught in the Rain, Moore Theater (June 28,1908). 06/28/1908 Moore Theatre
The Thief, Moore Theater (August 3, 1908). 08/3/1908 Moore Theater
Isle of Spice, Grand Opera House (9/13/1908-) 09/13/1908 Grand Opera House
The Rose of the Rancho, Lois Theater, Pantages Players, (09/30/1908-10/03/1908) 09/30/1908 Lois Theater
The Clansman, Moore Theater, (10/04/1908-) 10/4/1908 Moore Theater
Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots, Lois Theater, Pantages Players, (11/29/1908-12/05/1908) 11/29/1908 Lois Theater
The House of Bondage, Moore Theater (December 19, 1908). 12/20/1908 Moore Theater
Peter Pan, Lois Theater, Pantages Players, (12/27/1908-01/09/1909) 12/27/1908 Lois Theater
Peer Gynt, Moore Theater, (12/27/1908-) 12/27/1908 Moore Theater
The Climbers, Lois Theater, Pantages Players, (02/07/1909-02/13/1909) 02/7/1909 Lois Theater
The Gingerbread Man, Grand Opera House, (04/08/1909) 04/8/1909 Grand Opera House
Right of Way, Moore Theater, (04/11/1909) 04/11/1909 Moore Theatre
The Merry Widow, Moore Theatre, (05/30/1909) 05/30/1909 Moore Theater
Salvation Nell, New Alhambra Theater, (07/12/1909-) 07/12/1909 New Alhambra Theater
A Girl's Best Friend, Seattle Theatre, Barton and Wiswell Company, (07/25/1909-07/31/1909) 07/25/1909 Seattle Theatre
Girls, Alhambra Theater, (08/27/1909) 09/27/1909 Alhambra Theater
Going Some, Alhambra Theater, (09/28/1909) 09/28/1909 Alhambra
Mr. Hamlet of Broadway, Alhambra Theatre, (10/10/1909) 10/10/1909 Alhambra Theater
Mrs. Bumpstead-Leigh, Moore Theatre, (7/17/1911-) 07/17/1911 Moore Theatre
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Metropolitan Theater, (04/14/1912) 04/14/1912 Metropolitan Theater
Louisiana Lou, Metropolitan Theatre, (08/11/1912) 08/11/1912 Metropolitan Theater
Gypsy Love, Metropolitan Theatre, (03/09/1913) 03/9/1913 Metropolitan Theatre