Productionsort descending Opening Date Place
Running for Office, Four Cohans, Grand Opera House, (05/25/1904-05/28/1904) 05/25/1904 Grand Opera House
Alabama, Seattle Opera House, (08/03/1891) 04/3/1891 Seattle Opera House
The Alaskan, Moore Theatre, (12/28/1907-01/04/1908) 12/28/1907 Moore Theatre
The Amazons, James Neill Company, Seattle Theater, (11/27/1904-12/03/1904 11/27/1904 Seattle Theater
Antony and Cleopatra, Moore Theater, (03/06/1908-) 03/6/1908 Moore Theater
Aristocracy, Seattle Theatre, (08/31/1893-09/02/1893) 08/31/1893 Seattle Theatre
Arizona, Grand Opera House, (3/31/1902-4/2/1902) 03/31/1902 Grand Opera House
Barabara Frietchie, Grand Opera House, (01/26/1902) 01/26/1902 Grand Opera House
Big Chance, Wilkes Theatre, (06/13/1920-06/19/1920) 06/13/1920 Wilkes Theatre
The Billionaire, Grand Opera House, (12/13/1904-12/14/1904) 12/13/1904 Grand Opera House
The Blue Moon, Grand Opera House, (1/2/1908-) 01/2/1908 Grand Opera House
The Bottom of the Sea, Seattle Opera House, (07/16/1891-) 07/16/1891 Seattle Opera House
Brewster's Millions, Moore Theater, (04/13/1908-) 04/13/1908 Moore Theater
Brown of Harvard, Moore Theater, (01/12/1908-) 01/12/1908 Moore Theater
The Burgomaster of Pinneberg, The Lilliputians, Seattle Opera House, (07/27/1891-07/30/1891) 07/27/1891 Seattle Opera House
By Right of Sword, Grand Opera House, (10/05/1904-10/09/1904) 10/5/1904 Grand Opera House
Caught in the Rain, Moore Theater (June 28,1908). 06/28/1908 Moore Theatre
Charley's Aunt, Seattle Theatre, (08/18/1894-08/18/1894) 10/18/1894 Seattle Theatre
A Chinese Honeymoon, Grand Opera House, (01/17/1904-01/20/1904) 01/17/1904 Grand Opera House
The Cingalee, Grand Opera House, (03/07/1907) 03/7/1907 Grand Opera House
Claire and the Forge Master, Frye Opera House, Nellie Boyd Dramatic Company, (12/01/1884-12/08/1884) 12/2/1884 Frye Opera House
The Clansman, Moore Theater, (10/04/1908-) 10/4/1908 Moore Theater
The Climbers, Lois Theater, Pantages Players, (02/07/1909-02/13/1909) 02/7/1909 Lois Theater
The College Widow, Grand Opera House, (01/14/1906-01/17/1906) 01/14/1906 Grand Opera House
College Widow, Grand Opera House, (01/14/1906-01/17/1906) 01/14/1906 Grand Opera House
The College Widow, Grand Opera House, (11/04/1906-11/10/1906) 11/4/1906 Grand Opera House
Comedy of Errors, Grand Opera House, (11/19/1902-11/20/1902) 11/19/1902 Grand Opera House
The County Chairman, Grand Opera House (10/23/1904) 10/23/1904 Grand Opera House
Daddy Long Legs, Wilkes Theatre, (12/28/1919-01/02/1920) 12/8/1919 Wilkes Theatre
Dream City, Grand Opera House, (03/01/1908-) 03/1/1908 Grand Opera House
Driven from Home, Third Avenue Theatre, Aylesworth Stock Company, (03/20/1906-03/26/1906) 05/20/1906 Third Avenue Theatre
Du Barry, Seattle Theater, (7/23/1904-) 07/23/1904 Seattle Theater
Du Theatre au Champ D'honneur, Moore Theatre, (06/23/1918-06/28/1918) 06/23/1918 Moore Theatre
Edna's Burglar, Seattle Opera House, (08/18/1892-08/18/1892) 10/18/1892 Seattle Opera House
The Eternal City, Grand Opera House, (02/21/1904-) 02/21/1904 Grand Opera House
Everyman, Christensen Hall, Ben Greet Players, (12/14/1904-12/19/1904) 12/14/1904 Denny Hall, Christensen Hall
The Free Lance, Grand Opera House, Sousa Opera Company, (04/14/1907-04/17/1907) 04/14/1907 Grand Opera House
A Friend of the Family, Grand Opera House (October 9, 1904). 10/9/1904 Grand Opera House
A Gentleman of France, Seattle Theatre, (10/18/1903-) 10/18/1903 Grand Opera House
George Washington Jr., Moore Theater, (02/06/1908-) 02/6/1908 Moore Theater