Men and Women, Seattle Opera House, Charles Frohman's Company, (06/09/1891-06/09/1891)


Charles Frohman's Company made their first appearance in Seattle to perform "Men & Women" at The Seattle Opera House on July 9, 1891.

Charles Frohman along with his brothers, Daniel and Gustave, were giants of the theaterical and early motion picture worlds. The Frohman brothers helped to create the Theatrical Syndicate in 1896 along with Al Hayman, Abe Erlanger, Mark Klaw, Samuel F. Nixon, and Fred Zimmerman. The Syndicate established a national systemized booking network so that a theatre company could book a tour and sign a contract with the Syndicate instead of dealing with individual theatre managers across the country. This monopoly held until the 1910s when it was broken by the Shubert brothers.

Charles Frohman died on May 7, 1915 aboard the RMS Lusitania when it was torpedoed by German submarines. Charles was buried in New York City, but actors and other theatre professionals held memorials in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tacoma, Providence, and London.

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