Actors, directors, designers, press agents, critics, theatre managers and owners all played a role in creating the vibrant theatre scene in Seattle from the city's beginnings through 1920.  

People by Occupation

Last Name First Namesort descending Professional Occupation
Dunlap Adeline Actress, Poet, Playwright
Cain Brown Agnes Vaudeville Actress
Pantages Alexander Theatre Manager and Owner
Lloyd Alice Vaudeville Actress
Tyrell Alice Vaudeville Dancer
Nazimova Alla Actress, Screenwriter, Producer
Bradley Alma Actress
Stewart Anita Actor, Producer, Director, Pianist, Writer, Vaudeville Singer
Held Anna Actor, Singer
Russell Annie Actress
Greet Ben Actor, Director
Coote Bert Actor
Blythe Betty Actress
Sweet Blanche Actor
Walsh Blanche Actress
Bates Blanche Actress
Gaylor Bobby Vaudeville Actor
Chaplin Charlie Actor, Comedian, Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Young Clara Kimball Actor, Producer
Bandmann Daniel Actor
Tennant Dorothy Actress
Fairbanks Douglas Actor
Flint Douglas A. Actor
Farnum Dustin Actor
Chapman Edythe Actress
Barrymore Ethel Actress
Janauschek Fanny Actor
Gottschalk Ferdinand Actor, Playwright
Hartman Ferris Actor, Producer, Director
Bushman Francis X. Actor
Niblo Fred Director, Actor
Warde Frederick
Ober George Actor
Frye George Theatre Manager and Owner, Pioneer, Real Estate Developer
Broadhurst George Howells Playwright, Producer
Trimble George S. Actor
Woodthorpe Georgia
Anderson Gilbert M. Actor, Writer, Producer, Director
George Grace Actress
Elliston Grace Actress
Girard Harry Vaudeville Actor, Composer
Langdon Harry Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter
Walthall Henry B. Actor
Bosworth Hobart Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer
Cruze James Actor, Director
Neill James Actor
McIntyre James Vaudeville Actor
Smith James Theatre Manager and Owner
Henshaw John Actor
Cort John Theatre Manager and Owner
Considine John Theatre Manager and Owner
Barrymore John Actor
Marlowe Julia Actress
Ring Julie
Mathis June Actress, Screenwriter
Wheat Laurence Actor
Taylor Laurette Actress
Barrymore Lionel Actor, Writer, Composer
Chaney Lon Actor, Director, Screenwriter
James Louis Actor
Rutter Louise Actress
Thompson Lydia
Clark Marguerite Actress
Minter Mary Miles Actress
Adams Maude Actress
Costello Maurice Actor, Director
Stills Milton Actor, Professor
Fiske Minnie Maddern Actress, Director
Moran Neil Actor
Marshall A. Neilan Director, Producer, Actor
Shipman Nell Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Writer, Animal Trainer
McHenry Nellie Actress
Boyd Nellie Troupe Manager
Talmadge Norma Actor, Producer
Chase Raymond Actor
Barker Reginald Actor, Director, Producer, Writer
Kelly Robert Actor
Naynon Rosa Actress
Arbuckle Roscoe Actor, Comedian, Director, Screenwriter
Bernhardt Sarah Actress
Royle Selena Actress
Drew Sidney Actor
Pollard Snub Actor
Laurel Stan Actor, Screenwriter, Director
Murphy Stanley Actor
Miller Sven Theatre Manager and Owner
Bara Theda Actress
Roberts Theodore Actor
Heath Thomas Vaudeville Actor
Meighan Thomas Actor
Seabrooke Thomas Q. Actor
Mix Tom Actor
Allen Viola Actress
Reid Wallace Actor, Director
Walker Walter Actor
Collier William Actor
Taylor William Desmond Director, Actor