Thomas Meighan

Tommy Meighan
1879 - 07/8/1936

Thomas Meighan was born in Pittsburgh and was the son of the president of the Pittsburgh Facing Mills. Meighan began his acting career after leaving his studies in medicine to join a Pittsburgh stock company. During his stage career, Meighan performed along side William Collier, Sr. in "The Dictator," in the all star cast of "The Two Orphans," and in the title role in "The College Widow" during the 1907-1908 Broadway season. Meighan performed once in Seattle in 1913 at the Metropolitan Theatre. Meighan married actress Blanche Ring and they reportedly had a very happy, successful union. Meighan left the stage for the new film business in 1916. He made a name for himself soon afterward with the film "The Miracle Man." He was a great box office draw for over a decade. His last film was "Peck's Bad Boy" which was released in October 1934.

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THOMAS MIEIGHAN, MOVIE ACTOR, DIES: Star of the Silent Pictures Succumbs at Home in Great Neck at Age of 57. BEGAN CAREER ON STAGE 'The Miracle Man' His Greatest Success -- Had Appeared in Scores of Roles. SpecllL1 to lTzw NoRx z=s.. New York Times (1923-Current File) [New York, N.Y] 09 July 1936: 21.