Sidney Drew

08/28/1863 - 04/9/1919

Sidney Drew was the adopted son of the actress Louisa Drew. The Drew family and their extended family, the Barrymores, appeared on Oct. 5 to Oct. 6, 1893 at the Seattle Theater in productions of "The Rivals" and "The Road to Ruin." Sidney Drew married Gladys Rankin, a playwright who wrote under the pen name George Cameron. The two toured together as a comedy team called Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew. She passed away in 1914. Later that same year, Drew married Lucille McVey who also performed with him as Mrs. Sidney Drew. Sidney Drew died on April 9, 1919.

Cultural Identity: 
Performing Art Group Affiliations: 
Notable Roles: 
Bob Acres in "The Rivals"
Goldfinch in "The Road to Ruin"
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