Maude Adams

Maude Kiskadden, Maude Ewing Adams Kiskadden, Little Maude, La Petite Maude
11/11/1872 - 07/17/1953

Maude Adams was an American actress who worked closely with the playwright J.M. Barrie. She wasa best known for her portrayal of Peter Pan which she reprised over 1,500 times. Adams had been onstage since she was an infant and grew up performing with her family's troupe. Maude Adam's mother, Annie Adams, got her start with a Mormon affiliated theatre company. Maude  Adams later joined this same company.

After retiring from acting, Maude Adams worked at General Electic. where she helped develop a new incandescent bulb. Adams died of a heart attack in 1953. Her Seattle performances included: "A Celebrated Case," "Lord Chumley," "Men and Women," "The Lost Paradise," "The Little Minister," "What Every Woman Knows," "Chantceler," and "Peter Pan."

Cultural Identity: 
Notable Roles: 
Portia, Peter Pan