Lionel Barrymore

04/28/1878 - 11/15/1954

Lionel Barrymore, the oldest of the Barrymore siblings, was born in Philadelphia in 1878. Like his siblings, Ethel and John, Barrymore began his acting career with his grandmother, Mrs. John Drew, performing at the age of 15 in "The Rivals." He then traveled with his grandmother performing in "The Road to Ruin." Barrymore performed these roles in Seattle in October 1893. After his initial success in acting, Barrymore left the stage to study painting for three years. He came back to acting afterward and was a star by 1904. He moved into silent film and acted opposite Mary Pickford in her first film. In 1917, Barrymore returned to the stage in "Peter Ibbetson" as Colonel Ibbetson. Barrymore moved to Hollywood, California in 1925 and continued acting in films, on stage, and on the radio. In total, Lionel Barrymore acted for a total of 61 years. Barrymore was also an accomplished writer, composer, and artist. He wrote an autobiography titled "We Barrymores".

Cultural Identity: 
Notable Roles: 
Colonel Ibbetson in "Peter Ibbetson"
Milt Shanks in "The Copperhead"
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