Frederick Warde

Frederick Barkam Warde

Frederick Barkam Warde was born in Oxfordshire, England, to Thomas Warde on February 23, 1851. Warde was educated at the City School of London, in London, England, but achieved fame as an actor in America. Warde is known for his headlining performances in Shakespearian roles, his shcolarly work and writings on Shakespeare, his discovery of the actor Douglas Fairbanks, and his starring roles in many early American silent films such as "Richard III" (1912), "Silas Marner" (1916), and "King Lear" (1916).


Due to his rigourous touring schedule in the late 1800's, Warde was popular on the west coast as well as the east, and made annual stage appearances in Seattle from 1877 into the early 1900's. Warde garnered incredibly positive reviews in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Seattle Daily Times, which regularly recorded his adoring audiences and many standing ovations. A member of the St. Louis chapter of the Elks, Warde even recieved a commemorative silver loving cup from the Seattle Elks chapter in January of 1900, presented to him by Judge William Hickman Moore during Warde's three-day engagement at the Seattle Theatre, in which he acted in productions of "The Lion's Mouth", "Romeo and Juliet", and "The Duke's Jester". True to his commendable reputation, the day after Warde's performance of "The Lion's Mouth", he gave a lecture to the students of the Seattle Central School entitled, "Eloquence as Illustrated by Shakespeare". This lecture grew out of Warde's own scholarship on Shakespeare, which resulted in the publication of his 1913 "The Fools of Shakespeare" and his 1920 autobiography, "Fifty Years of Make-believe". Notably, Warde would return to Seattle again in December of 1900, performing a four-day engagement with "Richilieu", "The Duke's Jester", "Othello", and another performance of "The Duke's Jester", and yet again receieving great acclaim from newspapers and audiences alike.

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Headlining in "The Lion's Mouth"
Headlining in "Rpmeo and Juliet"
Headlining in "The Duke's Jester"
Headlining in "Othello"
Headlining in "Richilieu"
Headlining in "Julius Caesar"
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