Dustin Farnum

05/27/1974 - 07/3/1919

Dustin Farnum was the son of actors Greenleaf D. Farnum and Adele Legros. He is known to have performed in Seattle seven times; productions in which he appeared include: "Arizona" (Grand Opera House, March-April 1902), "The Virginian" (Grand Opera House, March 1907), "The Squaw Man" (Moore Theatre, November 1908), and "The Littlest Rebel" (Metropolitan Theatre, November 1912). Farnum went on to have a successful career as a film actor.

Cultural Identity: 
Performing Art Group Affiliations: 
Notable Roles: 
Colonel Morrison in "The Littlest Rebel"
Lieutenant Denton in "Arizona"
Colonel Morrison in "The Littlest Rebel"
The Virginian in "The Virginian"
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