Clara Kimball Young

Clara Kimball
09/6/1890 - 10/15/1960

Clarissa Kimball was born in Chicago on Sept. 6, 1890 to Edward M. and Pauline (née Maddern) Kimball, traveling stock actors. As a young adult, she was a very active stage actress,. She and her first husband, James Young, left the stage and joined the Vitagraph Company to work in film. With these early films, her popularity began to rise and soon Young and her husband joined the World Film Corporation, where she became the biggest star. She and producer Lewis J. Selznick started the Clara Kimball Young Film Corporation, which saw some success but which was also the beginning of a period of creative disputes and legal suits that followed Young for the rest of her career. She started another new film company with Harry A. Garson, The C. K. Y. Film Corporation, and later she joined Garson Productions. Young died on Oct. 15, 1960 of a stroke.

Cultural Identity: 
Alternate Name: 
Notable Roles: 
Geraldine Harlow in "To Die at Dawn"
Davie Maynard in "Driven from Home"
Hannida in "Slaves of the Orient"
Jinny in "A Girl's Best Friend"
Nettie in "Nettie the News Girl"
Maggie Foley in "A Little Outcast"
Cinka in "The Devil"
Trinidad in "The Rose of Rancho"
Stella Barbisher in "Captain Swift"
Jennie Paxton in "Dorothy Vernon of Hadden Hall"
Lady Ethel in "Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman"
Madge Casey in "The Heir to the Horrah"
Lilly Bell in "The Love Route"
Nellie Ramsey in "In the Bishop's Carriage"
Mrs. Leffingwell in "Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots"
Molly Livingston in "Strongheart"
Bella in "A Contented Woman"
Dot Bradbury in "A Midnight Bell"
Wendy in "Peter Pan"
Suzette in "Under the Red Robe"
Liz Olds in "The Judge and the Jury"
Sarah in "Glittering Gloria"
Clara Hunter in "The Climbers"
Mary in "Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines"
Bessie Tanner in "The College Window"
Rondella in "Vibration"
Lady Gladys Foxwell in "Merely Merry Ann"
Phyllis Welter in "The Jilt"
Victoria in "Bedford's Hope"
Liza Lu in "Tess of the D'Urbervilles"
Gladys Olivia Armstrong in "The House of a Thousand Candles"
Peggy Woffington in "Pretty Peggy"
Simplicity Johnson in "Lover's Lane"
Cora in "The Man on the Box"
Stephanos in "The Sign of the Cross"
Chick Elzay in "The County Chairman"
Eleanor Leveson and Eleanor Tylney in "The Road to Yesterday"
Anita Robinson in "On Parole"
Brenda Elsmore in "The Great Ruby"
Ada Baltic in "Turned Up"
Cecile Austen in "The Fatal Card"
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