Bert Coote

1868 - 1938

Bert Coote was born in 1868 in London, England. He was married to the actress Ada Russell. Their son, Robert Coote, was a well-know actor who originated the role of Colonel Pickering in "My Fair Lady" in 1964. Bert Coote was the son of Robert Coote, a composer, and was also brother to Charles, Carrie and Elizabeth, who were also involved in the theatre. Coote's first stage appearance was at Sadler's Well Theatre on December 26, 1873 as one of the Babes in "The Babes in the Woods." In May 1892, he played Billy Giltedge in "Little Puck" at the Seattle Opera House with Frank Daniels. In December of that year he performed in "Siberia" at Cordray's and received this review in the Seattle PI: "The burlesque of the Carmencita dance by Mr. Bert Coote raised a laugh that finally broke into a torrent of sound so tempestuous that it forced even the small boy in the gallery to use his fingers as a tympanum protectors. . . .Mr. Bert Cooke took off in happy style the laughable peculiarities of Peter Trolsky and scored round after round of applause." (Seattle PI: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer., December 27, 1892, Page 5). In another Seattle appearance, he played Hector Timid in the farce "Dead Shot" at Cordray's Theatre for a week beginning February 17th, 1893.

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Hector Timid in "The Dead Shot"
"Robert Coote, British Actor, Dies: Was Pickering in 'My Fair Lady.'" New York Times. 1 December ,1982 .