Alice Lloyd

Alice Wood
10/20/1873 - 11/17/1949

Alice Lloyd was born Alice Wood on October 20th 1873 into a family of seven girls and two boys in London, England. Most members of the family would go on to spend some time as performers, but it was Alice herself and her eldest sister Marie who would rise to fame in American and Engish music halls, respectively. In 1894, Alice married Tom McNaughton, who had a popular comedy act with his brother Fred. In 1907 Alice signed with Percy Williams, an independent Theatre owner in New York, for an engagement at his Colonial Theatre. Alice received a warm reception from American audiences, and much was made of the sisters' differing performance styles in the newspapers of the time, with Marie painted as more coarse, and Alice as more dainty and demure. Between 1909 and 1914, Alice began performing annually in Seattle, returning each winter to headline musical comedy, vaudeville, and light opera engagements. Her performances in "Little Miss Fix-it" and "The Rose Maid" in 1912 and 1913 garnered overwhelmingly positive acclaim in the Seattle society and theatre news of the day.

In 1915, one of Lloyd's songs, "Bobbin-Up-and-Down", was released on film, and in 1921, Lloyd returned once more to Seattle to perform her musical comedy, though thereafter her career faded from the forefront of Seattle's theatre scene. Marie Lloyd died in 1922 and Alice's husband Tom McNaughton died shortly after in 1923. Several years later, after the crash of the American stock market, Alice returned to England where she continued to do some performances with her family into the 1930's. In 1949, Alice Lloyd passed away at the age of 76 on the 17th of November.

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Headlining in "Little Miss Fix-it"
Headlining in "The Rose Maid"
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