Adeline Dunlap

Ada Pearl Dunlap, Ada Pearl Dunlap Booth, Mrs. Charles H. Booth
10/22/1884 - 01/3/1941

Adeline Dunlap was born Ada Pearl Dunlap in Illinois on Oct 22, 1884. When she began her stage career, she took the stage name Adeline Dunlap. She appeared in Seattle five times during her career: in the production of "The Pit" in 1905, in the production of the "The College Widow" in 1906, in vaudeville in 1909, and in both 1910 and 1912 in her most famous role in "Madame X." She also published poetry and a drama called "Minerva's Experiment." She married Charles H. Booth and, in 1912, she retired from acting. Dunlap died on Jan. 3,1941.

Cultural Identity: 
Notable Roles: 
Bessie Tanner in "The College Widow"
Madame Sans-Gene in "Madame X"
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